If you can measure it,
you can improve it!

The Sportkid Database system gives national sport governing bodies complete control and online access to athlete registraion and membership data throughout the country.

National, local, and club data analysis

Sportkid is not just a database application. We turn data into information. Science modules track athlete growth, retention, training age, relative age quarters, and other key metrics from the athlete pool.

Because it's an online application, administrators and coaches always have access to the most up to the minute information about the NGB's membership.

Registration, membership, and demographics IN ONE PACKAGE

  • Complete NGB membership system
  • Athlete registration
  • Track training for Coaches and Officials
  • Distributed data entry and online access from anywhere
  • Build nationwide database of facilities
  • 1- through 5-year retention metrics
  • Athlete training age tracking
  • Growth, relative age quarters, and other metrics in easy to read reports

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It's easy to get started and it's FREE for 6 months

Give it a try! NGBs can use the Sportkid Database for six months with no obligation.


Overcoming diminishing returns in high performance sport

The age/performance curve shows why many elite athletes never reach their genetic potential. This article discusses ways coaches and NGBs can help more athletes perform at the edge of their ability.

At the beginning of one season while I was still a swimming coach I began to notice how cyclical my job was. At various times throughout the year I would write newsletter articles about the same things I wrote about the year before. Workouts were based on the same patterns I followed previously and the competition calendar looked a lot like it did every other year. The goal, of course, was to write better workouts, achieve better results--really just get better at everything--but it all had to happen within the same basic framework every year. There's nothing unusual about this, it's the way sport is. READ THE FULL ARTICLE....