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Grassroots development is the key to better performance

This 10-page white paper examines how data can be used in grassroots sport development to identify and describe the athlete pool - their ages and sex, and where they live and train.

National, local, and club retention metrics

The report also discusses the most important metric in evaluating development programs: retention, keeping athletes involved long enough to make a difference. Understanding this metric and being able to calculate it association wide will help supercharge the talent creation process.

If you can measure it,
you can improve it!

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What does a declining population mean for sport?

Just like education and healthcare, sport is a social institution that depends on a delicate balance of demographics to function effectively in a society. If a country's population drops then the dwindling tax base creates economic challenges that force governments to adjust schemes that fund national healthcare, retirement, and sport development programs. In sport it also means that the potential pool of athletic talent shrinks. Continue reading...


Fear of missing out is hurting youth sports

The professional sport model has been creeping into the youth sport ranks for many years. It's almost to the point where nostalgic youth sport memes are all that is left of what older coaches and parents remember from their days as young athletes. We still have movies depicting idyllic summers of sandlot baseball, gritty youngsters 'stepping up' to overcome numerous non-sport challenges, and stories where sport is used as a metaphor to shape and later solve any number of social dilemmas. Continue reading...

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