About us

Sportkid Metrics makes collecting, understanding, and using data easy!

When it comes to growing a sport, data is the most important tool a national sport governing body (NGB) can have. It can help take the guesswork out of decision making and give a snapshot of the state of the sport on any given day. The online tools developed by Sportkid Metrics provide ways to collect and distribute this data to those who need it most.

Who needs Sportkid Metrics?

National sport governing bodies can decentralize their data collection, get useful and easy to understand reports, and put this information into action quickly. There is no more need to estimate (guess) the numbers that shape the sport. With Sportkid Metrics NGBs will know what they need to about the athlete pool. Sportkid data services can provide the following:

Our sport performance database will revolutionize sport information!

Getting sport performance information into a searchable, online system will change everything when it comes to motivation, reporting, and being a 'student of the sport'.

Who are the Top 5 10 & under boys in the 50 m breaststroke in your country? What's the deadlift record for women in your state? What are the results of last weeks cycling criterium? Soon it will only take a few keystrokes to answer these questions and others like them.

The Sportkid Metrics Performance Database will be able to take the results of various sport competitions and quickly make them available worldwide to anyone interested. Sportkid Metrics can extract relevant performance information from many competition management applications and we're adding more to our list of applications all the time.