Sportkid Data System Features


100% Athlete registration

REGISTER EVERY ATHLETE, there are no limits. The NGB is able to manage the entire athlete pool in their sport. This enables the calculation of retention, training age, growth, and relative age metrics.

Distributed data entry

Coaches and club administrators can register their athletes directly into the system. State or regional registrars verify registrations and the national database soon represents 100% of the national athlete pool. ALL done online without any paper forms.

Online access

Sportkid is a web application. It is available anywhere there is an internet connection.

Retention and training age metrics

Manage how long the NGB re-registers athletes in subsequent years (retention). How long have individual athletes been involved in the sport (training age)

Add value to your information

Gathering data is only the first step. Blueshift reports turn it into actionable information.

Upload ID documents

End athlete ID problems! Upload required documents into the Sportkid system once and never worry about it again.