Sportkid Metrics to offer sport data services

New company is offering services to national sport associations to help strengthen developmental programs

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, 18 Mar 2019 - Sportkid Metrics will begin offering online data services for national sport associations to aid in administering their development programs. The services will focus on identifying a sports' athlete pool from a demographics perspective. This can help national sport governing bodies (NGBs) make informed decisions about development initiatives.

Hard data about the number, sex, age, and location of young athletes is often elusive to NGBs primarily because it is difficult to collect and organize such data in a useful way. Sportkid Metrics has created an online tool that decentralizes data operations, thus making it easier to collect and distribute information about the young athletes to those who make the decisions regarding developmental programs. Since the tool is online it is accessible from anywhere at anytime.

William J Price, founder and chief executive of Sportkid Metrics, says that the idea behind the company is to create a way for NGBs to get access to data they need for their sports' development programs. "It's difficult to take any kind of positive action if you don't know who, how many, where, etc. when it comes to your athlete pool," Price noted. "It's impossible to say that your sport is growing if you don't know how many athletes you actually have."

In addition to tracking demographics of a sport, NGBs can also offer their coaches tools to help track athlete growth, thus making it easy to design training programs around specific growth milestones.

The service is available to any national governing body interested in improving their developmental programs. The Sportkid Metrics website is:


Sportkid Metrics LLC ( is a Pennsylvania registered company in the United States specializing in collecting, analyzing, and reporting sport demographic and performance data.