Data System Pricing

SportKid Metrics offers a comprehensive, yet low-cost option to national sport governing bodies (NGBs) for tracking their entire athlete pool. The service is priced at a yearly rate depending on the number of athletes an association registers.

Recurring annual charge: RM 9,000

For associations registering fewer than 20,000 athletes the annual fee is a flat RM 9000. If more than 20,000 athletes are registered then the following schedule is used to determine annual fees:

up to 20,000RM 9,000
20,001 to 60,000RM 10,500
60,001+RM 12,000

During the first service year NGBs are charged the flat RM 9000 regardless of the number of athletes they are able to register.

What's included?

The Sportkid Metrics data services are designed to be comprehensive. No fees for 'extra' services or features. Users get full access to all database features.

  • Athlete registration
  • Retention metric *
  • Anthropometry modules
  • Coach and official registration
  • Facility directory
  • Access to all reports
  • Ability to download your data

* This is the most valuable developmental metric. Our system reports it in ways that make sense to those who need it.